Jerakeen and Tubul are two of the elephants on the back of Great A'Tuin, holding the world on their shoulders. This is also how we named the new releases of pigment (0.3.5) and pigment-python (0.3.3), available since Monday. Among the new stuff in these releases, not mentioning bug fixes, I particularly like:
  • The performances of the opengl rendering have been highly improved. In most cases, think of a framerate multiplied by 2 or 3. I now have Elisa running very smoothly at 1400x1050 on my ATI M300 with the free drivers.
  • Better integration with the desktop: startup notification, drag and drop.
  • The font height of a text is now proportional to a drawable and not to the whole canvas. This makes resizing behaviours much more consistent (as long as you don't change the height/width ratio of your drawable).
That's yet another small step for pigment, one which makes me think that pigment 0.3.x starts to be quite mature. This is also probably one of the last pigment 0.3.x releases, since we are busy designing pigment 0.5. For that, I have been thinking a lot about a generic animation library, that will be a separate library that could be used by other projects. More about that soon.

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05 March 2008