There are times when everything goes wrong, but these times make you appreciate things when they go back to normal.

At my flat, we had an issue with the shower until this week-end: the water didn't evacuate easily. That's a kind of situation that is annoying, but that generally takes some time to get fixed. It takes time, because you're always in a hurry when the problem happens (in the morning). Yet, courageous Kaleo decided to investigate the issue on Sunday. Only, neither he nor I are plumbers, and things only got worse: the evacuation thingy(1) under the shower was only attached by one screw. When unscrewing it to clean everything, the thingy(1) separated, and we couldn't put it back. The result of this operation is that we couldn't have a shower without forcing our neighbour downstairs to have one as well (and he may not have his shower under ours). So, since Sunday: no shower, we had to cope with the sink (it IS a pain to rinse your hair in the sink when you have long hair).

This situation was a bit of a pain, especially in the time when we were working hard for the next releases of Elisa and Pigment (they got out today). But this was still possible to handle for a limited amount of time. We warned the rental agency on Monday morning, so that they arrange for a plumber to come and fix that ASAP (in Spain, this means "in less than a month"). But with only this, [Karma|God|Murphy's law] wasn't finished with us.

This is what we realised later on Monday, when electricity went out in the flat. I think we were quite lucky to have previously bought a pack of 100 candles, that proved quite handy. Especially since that was again something we couldn't fix ourselves (yeah, we tried, no, we didn't make things worse this time). And, believe me, it IS even more a pain to wash your long hair in the sink when your only source of light is candles (at least psychologically).

I don't know if our rental agency is usually efficient (well, to Spanish standards at least) or if they had pity for us to be without a shower and in the dark, but an electrician came yesterday to fix the electricity (apparently temporarily, he'll have to come back), and a plumber could come today to fix the shower evacuation. I guess it wasn't practical for the plumber to come earlier, it would be a pain to fix that lightened by candles :).

Now that everything is back to normal, I feel quite good after having a shower, and, at least for tonight, I don't feel too bad about orange, even though they still haven't activated our ADSL line ordered on the 22nd of November (maybe more on that later)...

(1) sorry, my English plumbing vocabulary sucks, even though it's substantially better than my Spanish.

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17 January 2008