Here I am. I've arrived on Tuesday night, and started my new job at Fluendo Embedded. The company is great, with a lot of cool (and bright) people. It's a bit crazy here and very different to what I've experienced in England. The working hours are much better from my point of view, my way of life being much more Spanish than British :). The location of the company is awesome too; great view :). I've had my first Spanish lessons (and the headaches that come with them) as well. Spanish is kinda easy when you speak French, since we share a lot of vocabulary, but ...the beginners' course started something like 2 months before I arrived (multiplied by 3 lessons of ~1h30 a week), so I have to catch up, hence the headaches :). Therefore, so far, Barcelona is great; I just wish I had a place to live already (finding a flat is not something easy in Barcelona), but don't worry, I have faith, I'll soon have a nice place, where friends are welcome of course :).

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From: thomash
2007-09-30 01:16:07

Grab a mast, and learn sailing!

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29 September 2007