Here's a nice Google hack that I wanted to share:

It's about a Google product that isn't known to everyone. Only true geeks attending very technical conferences such as the FOSDEM know about that product, but it's one of the coolest things Google has made recently. It may be the only piece of hardware they produce (though I'm not certain they are actually produced by them, but they are Google branded). After talking a bit with one of the Google guys present at FOSEM, I managed to get him to give me one of these sexy pieces of electronics.

Unfortunately, this gadget has a serious flaw: it's quite unstable. My guess is that it is still in an early stage of development and I was given an alpha release. I figured out that the instability is caused by the way the high-tech electronics are positioned. I don't have the necessary hardware skills to change the position of the electronics, but I found a simple solution to make it much more stable: simply pour rice in it.

After doing this, I've found it's much more stable. Yet, the solution is not perfect: it's not able to reach the same speed as before the hack, and I suspect it leaks from time to time, I wonder if valgrind can help me here :).

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29 March 2007