• Tough employee life: I have much less free time (how good it was to be a student...)

  • Tough employee life: my life isn't that interesting now, and much of the interesting stuff is hard to tell without risking to tell company secrets (NDA and all that)... Anyway, a big part of my 2 regular readers wouldn't understand much of it and would find it quite boring.

  • It's been 2 months today since I placed my order for an ADSL connection with Bulldog. So far, I only have a dial-up connection, which means no sending of pictures, and it's a pain to do anything. Moreover, I spend a considerable part of my evenings phoning Bulldog's Technical Support and Customer Services. That will maybe be the subject of a forthcoming article; in the meantime, if you are in Britain and looking for an ISP, AVOID BULLDOG.

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02 February 2007